About Us

At ECSW we are relational evangelists.

We believe that at its core, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is an invitation to radical relational transformation—the kind that shifts all of our paradigms, heals our wounds, gives us experiences of being truly known, accepted, and loved, and frees us to become people who genuinely love others.

God wants to do so much more than many of us are experiencing, in our hearts, in our families, in our churches, and in our world—simply by making us whole relational beings who know how to give the kind of love that transforms others because we have been transformed by His incredible love for us.

Why We Exist

When you think about being transformed into the image of Christ, what type of person do you imagine? How would your thoughts, emotions, desires, habits and choices be affected by Christlikeness? How would your relationship with God and others change? What kind of activities would you need to engage in to live out that vision?

ECSW exists to seek Spirit led and biblical answers to these life and world-changing questions. We create and provide transformational resources to assist the Body of Christ to cooperate with what our Lord intends for our spiritual maturity.

We envision a community of believers dependent on Christ’s Spirit to provide...

  • depth of knowledge of both God and self
  • depth of faith, belief and trust in the Father’s love and will
  • a process to identify and put off habits from our old, independent way of life
  • the courage to recognize and speak the truth to oneself and others
  • the capacity to receive and give Jesus’ love and grace in relationship
  • wisdom to grow in emotional maturity with God and people

We believe this is what Paul describes in Ephesians 4:13 as attaining "the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ."

Our Beliefs

View our doctrinal statement, which defines our theological commitment to Christ and represents the convictions of our staff and council.

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How We Work

We believe that God’s love, demonstrated through Christ, is the core and conduit of true spiritual formation in individual lives and the world. Receiving God’s love for us can heal us relationally and lead us to love God, ourselves, and others as we were originally meant to do.

Imagine the possibilities: How could Christ’s kind of love transform your family relationships, your church relationships, and you as a person? How might His love impact your thoughts, emotions, desires, habits, and choices?

We believe that God’s love has the power to change the world.

How People Grow

Read our definition of spiritual formation, how God shapes our thoughts, desires, and behaviors.

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Guidelines for Love

Read our code of ethics for Christian leaders, relational responsibilities that guide our efforts to reform the heart.

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What We Do

ECSW’s ministries invite believers into deeper relationship with God through intentional engagement with Him and the Body of Christ. Whether participating in the Life with God experience or connecting one-on-one with a spiritual director, our resources encourage intimate, heart probing, and transforming relationships with God and others.

Life with God

Learn more about Life with God, a 1-3 year discipleship curriculum built for Christian small groups that creates relationally capable people.

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Spiritual Direction

Learn more about spiritual direction, a ministry of relational care that helps believers discern how God is leading and loving them on a daily basis.

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Who We Are

ECSW stands for the Evangelical Center for Spiritual Wisdom. Our staff and advisory council is made up of individuals with ten to thirty years of experience and education in fields that directly relate to spiritual growth in love and discipleship with Christ. Our personal passion is to lovingly follow God’s way in our lives. Our organizational passion is to help Christians to grow in loving relationship with God as the motivation of their participation in His will for the Kingdom.

Our People

Meet the ECSW staff and council, and listen to their personal accounts of how God radically shaped their lives.

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Our Namesake

Understand the terminology behind our name: the Evangelical Center for Spiritual Wisdom.

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